Hockey Drill Demonstration


three players round the outside make a triangle round a person in the middle. Two of the three outside players have a ball, the player in the middle receives the ball from one of the players outside then has two touches to get the ball to the player on the outside of the triangle that doesn't have a ball. They then turn a lead towards the player other player that has a ball.


-make sure they go both directions.

-make sure players lead to the player they want the ball to come off

-make sure first touch goes in the direction they want to pass, rather than just stopping it dead and having to one body round the ball to pass.

-work players hard but give plenty of rest, minute in the middle then swap with someone else.

-if numbers aren't right to do a triangle a square will work just as well.

Rotation 4- Year 4 and 5 only- triangle passing and receiving on the moveHockey Drills Coaching

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