Hockey Drill Demonstration


Take it in turns to attack down each side.

3v2 scenarios. A to play ball into D and back to start the drill. 

Exercise ends when a goal is scored, a PCA is won or the defenders clear the abll over the 25 yrd line.

PLay side lines and free hits as normal.

Coaching points

  1. Move the ball through space with pass or dribble at pace
  2. High forward to stretch or post back and let a running attacker lead through and high
  3. Attackers to lead wide to draw the defenders out to create space in the critical areas of the pitch.
  4. Encourage get a head from passer to cause overloads 

If a PCA is won, a free shot from the top of the circle by the player who won it. Everyone else will be around the corcle edge to pick up rebounds.



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