Hockey Drill Demonstration


The drill is set up as a 6 (attack players) v 5 (defense) GK starting with a free it in various parts of the attacking 25.

The objective is to look for a lateral or backward angled pass that is clearly greater than the required 5 metres and to then either look for a penetrating hard hit into the circle looking to find a forward for a deflection into goal.

Forwards should be leading in and around the circle to create a space for the ball to be hit into and to position themselves to step in and look for a deflection. Forwards should look to engage the defenders to create opportunities.

Allow attacking team to have 3 attempts, before then allowing defense to take 16 yard hit outs. The challenge for the defense will be to set up and execute transfers, and to create combinations with the Defensive and attacking centre players (ie. Rachel and Sophie). Forwards are to set up and execute the press. Note that when defense starts with the ball, they will have 6 players and the attackers will have 5.

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