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This is a drill to look at the clip hit and getting the shot away quickly and efficiently.

The idea of the clip hit is to allow players to recieve the ball and quickly get a shot off to goal. set up the cones as in the diagram shown. Players queue on the red cone and pass a ball to the player on the green cone. The player on the green cone has one touch into the D and gets a shot off. once the players are doing this then tell the player on the red cone to pass the ball and follow thier pass to become the shooter next time.

This drill needs to be done at a high pace. The ball across the D should be a strong push pass and to the open stick of the recieveing player.

The first touch of the recieving palyer is key. Player should move to the ball, looking to crate a firm base inside the right foot, ensure that the quads are engaged in the ready position and the left arm is away from the body. The first touch should carry the bal into the D.

Shooting is the key skill for this drill. we want to see a clip hit. Here are the basics for a clip hit.

Grip: we are looking for a double V grip in the middle of the handle. This allows the player to bring their hands togehter on the stick making it quicker. the grip should not be too tight.

Stick: the stick shoudl come through in a shallow swing from hip. This allows for more contact chance increasing the ability to hit a good ball.

Ball: the ball should be in line with the front (left) foot. If the ball is infront of the foot it will ether lift uncontrolablly or will hook left. if the ball is behind the foot the player will hit into the ground or it will head off right.

Body: from the point of recieving the ball the player should be in the ready position. The move towards the ball should remain low (not stepping up between the first touch and the shot). the left foot and stick should end up poitning towards the for corner of the goal.

Balance: the player should try to remain balanced at all times, however it is good practice to off balance as well.

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