Hockey Drill Demonstration


- another type of leading run, attacker may use is screened receipt: technique where receiving player protects the ball which is passed to them by placing their body between ball & defender marking them.

- diff between screened receipt & posting up is that receiver collects ball facing towards the direction they are shooting in as opposed to facing away from direction in which they are shooting

- can combine posting up with a screened lead - this technique sees players off the ball leading in oppoding ways & working off one another's leads


- player with ball under pressure

- receiver makes a screened receipt from left to right away from defender & collects ball & continues run

Alternative: include a post up (1st attacker does a leading run by screened receipt. But, doesnt receive ball, so 2nd player involved and receives ball after posting up)

Coaching points

- ball must be passed & received on an angle
- must keep moving - can open up passing lanes

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