Hockey Drill Demonstration


1. RB receives open and looks to play down wide channel.

2. Higher risk but opens pitch to LB to use wide channel (Ball pace).

3. Transfer to guard, shift sides.

4. CM receives open, looks for short, safe options.

5. RM drops between lines for 100% safe interplay, shifts oppostion press.

6. In case of high press look to overhead into pocket for LM tracking across.

Coaching points

Play quickly before opposition set up, scan and react to every pass...

Example option 1.

Yellow lines indicate possible forward leads to open space and provide circle presence.

RB supports forward ball in wide channel, RM in inside channel.  LM tracks forward through middle channel providing transfer option.

LB and CM track right, offering protection through the middle of the pitch, CB and sweeper defend central forward and Line to goal respectively.

Wide/high forwards are covered using contant scanning and communication from GK.

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