Passing And Finishing

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Passing and Finishing Passing and Receiving Position 5 Attackers as shown in the diagram, with Player 4 being marked by a Defender. Pass 1 >...

Run Onto Ball And Shoot

category: Shooting

Soccer run onto ball and shoot Shooting Practice starts with a bleu player running to wards the goal player from the white team passes the ball to ...

Goals, Goals, Goals 3

category: 1-v-1-skills

Three players line up facing each other. Player 1 plays the ball into player two's feet. They meet the ball and turn before playing a wall pass wit...

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Passing Options & Combinations

Get your players moving off the ball effectively to offer multiple passing options. Then develop the passer’s decision making to give the best pass ev...



Community Drills

Wall Pass to a Shot #1

Player dribbles out and plays wall pass (1 & 2) to teammate and plays short pass (3) to 2nd teamate who plays back pass (4). Ball played int...

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Slow jog round the areaGet group to perfrom following dynamicsside steptwists across bodyrolling the arms forward & backroll the hipsknees up & high h...

6v6 with a walls.

Just Score. In Defence get compact. In attack use numerical advantage and speed. 18 yards is 18 yards. Shoot when in space.