Goals, Goals, Goals 3

category: 1-v-1-skills

Three players line up facing each other. Player 1 plays the ball into player two's feet. They meet the ball and turn before playing a wall pass wit...

Goals, Goals, Goals!

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up three lines of three across the pitch.

The players on the half way line start with the ball and pass up to player 2's feet. Player 2 ...

Run Onto Ball And Shoot

category: Shooting

Practice starts with a bleu player running to wards the goal player from the white team passes the ball to this player, blue player shoots. next a pla...



Community Drills

Quintets and Duets

Pitch is divided into thirds, with the end zones near the goals narrower than the middle third.Then divide the the pitch lengthways (between the goals...

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· players dribble around grid and play 1-2 wall passes with players at corners· next player starts as soon previous player gets to second corner·...

Warm-Up: Passing in a Circle

Divide the players into two, five of them pass the ball to the player and five of them pass back to the player and run. After 5mins they swop. Mark ou...