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My goal keeper can't jump very well, any ideas how to improve this ?

Do more GK training that involves making the keeper jump, I have a few that I use for my gk.  Shes proberly the smallest gk in the league but can jump and is strong in doing so. 

have you taught her how to jump properly e.g. how to take off and how to land?

If you need any excercises for a gk jumping just let me know. 

Thanks Joe,

Any help would be great !


Thanks again, Mike.

Give me your email address and I will send a few training sessions I have used in the past to improve jumping

Hello Joe,

I'm afraid we don't allow users to publicly post their email addresses to prevent them from receiving large numbers of requests for them to share their sessions (this has happened in the past with one user receiving over 100 requests) or from receiving spam.

If you would like to share your session plans please attach them to your answer, as explained in the image below, or if you have plans in another format (Microsoft word or PDF) please email them to and I will share them via this answer thread with Michael.

In the meantime though please have a look through the goalkeeping drills for some jumping drill ideas!

All the best,
The Sportplan Team


Ok sorry about that didnt know.

No problem,

as I said though, if you would still like to share your sessions (in Sportplan/non-Sportplan format) you can either attach the session to this answer thread yourself or you can attach your session in an email to and I will share the session with Michael via this answer thread.

All the best,
The Sportplan Team

Thanks for the help !


To help your goalkeepers (or anyone else) to jump higher:

  1. Have your GK stand next to a wall
  2. Have your GK reach up as high as he can and make a mark on the wall
  3. Tie your keys or a tamborine to a rope
  4. Toss the rope over the wall with the tamborine about 1' above the mark
  5. Have the GK jump up to touch the tamborine ten times without a miss
  6. With the GK walking around (to replenish the ATP), move the tamborine up above the mark another 3" to 6"
  7. Repeat the excercise 10 times

You will quickly notice a tremendous increase in the GK's jumping ability if you repeat this daily. Track it and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hope that this helps!!

Stephen Huff (Florida Goalkeeper coach) 

You don't mention the age of your keeper but there are some non-load bearing exercises you can try.  I recently tried plyometric training not just with my keeper but all the players they found it hard to begin with but enjoyed it as a change to the usual conditioning.  Plyometric exercises use explosive, fast-acting movements to develop muscular power and to improve overall speed. In other words, it's exercise that allows muscles to exert maximum force in the shortest amount of time possible, great for developing jump height! I'm no expert in plyometrics but there's plenty of information out there to tap into.

Joe, I've created a drill with varying shots, if you keep adapting the last throw so it gets a little higher each time then before you know it your keeper will be jumping without even realising


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