1 V 1 Passing Grid With Through Balls

category: 1-v-1-skills

Set up 6 3x3m gris in the centre with 2 goals at either side.

Split the group into groups of 6 and place a attacker and a defender in each gr...

Changing 4 V 2

category: Possession

3 teams of 2, with 2 teams combining to play against the 3rd team.

If the 3rd team get the ball, the team that lost the ball becomes the de...

Through Ball In The Triangle

category: Possession

Set up a rectangle, 15x10m, with a player on each corner plus two defending players inside the grid with bibs on.

The outside players must t...

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1 v 1 Passing

Work with your team-mates to maintain possession with this passing session

Community Drills


1st player standing between gates Pass to 2nd player standing at cone 2nd player lays ball off for 1st player to shoot 2nd player follows up (rebounds...

Arsenal Warmup

Cone off a 15x15 square. Begin with a player at each cone and others in line at the 'start' cone. Rotate directions clockwise and cou...