Football Drill Demonstration


  • GK1 Starts with ball in same stance and throws ball to GK2. GK2 side foot volleys the ball back into the hand of GK1.
  • The server and GK swith sides and join the back of the opposing line. Can be done with a larger of number of goalkeepers or works as well in pairs.

Coaching points

  • Once GK1 has thrown ball they must quickly get into the set position.
  • GK2 should 'punch' through the line of the ball.
  • If the ball is miss kicked by the server, GK1 should move their feet to get into line with the ball and use the correct technique either M grip for lower shots or W grip.
  • Keeper to stay facing out and dive if required.

Drill tags: throw, volley, goalkeeping, side foot

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