Drill Categories



category: Core-Strength

Description. An exercise for the abdominals. Coaching points. lie on the floor with your legs slightly raised of the floor; Ensure your lower back is...


category: Core-Strength

Agility Plank Core Strength The plank (also called a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge) is an isometric core strength exercise that involves ma...

The Cobra

category: Core-Strength

Description. An exercise for the lower back. Coaching points. Begin face down, with hands flat and to the side; Slowly put your weight through your e...

Arm And Leg Raise

category: Core-Strength

Description. Opposite arm and leg raise. Coaching points. Lie on the Swiss Ball with your abdomen and support your weight with both feet and both han...

Community Drills

Strafworp scoren onder druk

Opstelling1 paal, 1 bal1 strafworp nemerRest staat op de achterlijn achter de korf OefeningSpelers nemen om de beurt een strafworpWordt er gemist dan ...

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coaching tip: run towards the try line while simultaneously drawing in a defender so that you can pass it off to score the try.

3 goal game

small sided game with focus on getting the ball wide, three goals for both teams to attack and defend bigger goals easier to score in wide areas, ball...