Individual Finishing - Penalty Area

There is one thing that wins you games, goals. Having a striker high on confidence who will slot any chance that comes their way gives the rest of the team a boost across the whole field. Develop your forwards ability to put the ball in the net when the chances come in the penalty area.

What’s in the Session?

The session will start with a dynamic exercise that engages the players both physically and mentally. For the practice to work, the players must be switched on mentally and the warm-up should be seen by all as not just getting ready physically. The passing and moving will get their touch up to speed, a vital component to finishing effectively within the penalty area. The technical part of the session give the players the freedom to create chances in the box with an overload for the attackers. This gives the forwards plenty of chances to finish, building their technical ability and their confidence in front of goal. The practices is intense with plenty of running to replicate finishing under fatigue, creating a likeness to game situations. The final practice draws together the technical aspects by putting them into a small sided game which encourages attacking play and plenty of balls into the box to feed the strikers and improve their finishing.

Having a striker with a cool head, composed movement and ruthless finishing ability feeds down throughout the rest of the team to give them the confidence that the team will score if you can get the ball to the main man. Discover your ultimate finisher with this tight, intense finishing session.

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