Short Range Finishing

Short range finishing, poaching in front of goal, being in the right place to score at the right time; they’re all old school cliché’s in football but there is no better striker than one who can fulfill all of them. Learn the technique and get a feel for where the opportunities are when your strikers are in close to the goal.

What’s in the Session?

Raise the pulse with a dynamic warm-up. Use the warm-up as an opportunity to build the spirit in the team to and get the players to get each other up for the session. The technical part of the session focuses on passing around the edge of the box to create opportunities in the box for the strikers. Really emphasise the technique of the shot to maximise the success rate, highlighting the points of the skill; use laces to strike through centre of the ball, follow through, aim low and across goal. Finally, finish off with conditioned games which puts pressure on the players to take their opportunities when they come in a more game-realistic setting.

There’s no better player to have than a poacher in front of goal, someone who you can bank on to take their chance when it comes to them. Give them the confidence to never miss the target with this session.

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