Making the Pass Playable

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Whether you are working with beginners or players whose skills have got sloppy over time this session will take you back to the fundamentals of moving the ball. Other techniques like dummies and 1-2s are important, to misdirect the opposition.

What's in the session?

Establish skills for moving the ball around successfully: dribbling, passing technique, stopping the ball for another player to take it over straight away and quick 1-2s.

Feedback is essential to help players improve their technique, focusing on:

  • Weight of pass
  • Body positioning
  • Keeping their eyes up
  • Control the ball with their back foot
  • Open body

Once players have mastered these passing skills, they will be used in a set up towards goal. A Defender is included to encourage players to think more about the direction of their pass when passing to a player who is marked. This practice allows players to see how improving their passing can move the ball into opportunities to score.

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