Drill Categories


Agility Circuit

category: Agility

Soccer Agility Circuit Agility Players start on the baseline and run one at a time. The next player starts once the player in front of them has run a...

Suicides - Speed Endurance

category: Agility

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Pass And Follow Circuit

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Pass and follow circuit Passing and Receiving Set out a pattern of cones for any passing sequence. In this one we set the cones out so the p...


category: Agility

Description. One leg hop in each rung. Coaching points. Ensure quick feet and always be aware of foot position in case of injury. Average rating. rea...


Shooting Circuits

Continuous finishing session to develop your players technique and thought process when in front of goal. Make sure they?re making the right decisions...

Bayern Munich - High Tempo Possession

Like Bayern Munich, teach your players to break down their opponents by speeding the ball around the pitch with this fast-paced passing and moving ses...


Community Drills

1-2 Circuit vid

A circuit that works on give and go's at low pace and a full stride dribble. Before station 2 leaves to the next, he/she must turn and support station...

Circuito físico

O treinador diz duas cores, os jogadores terão que realizar o exercicio nas cores ditas.Amarelo: saltarAzul: passar pelo meioVermelho: corrida lateral...

You know the drill (GK)

Work around the circuit at pace.1. point for a catch2. point for catch3. point for each save4. point for each catch (3 shots)5. point for a save/ stri...

20 min

circuito tecnico el jugador decide cual estacion ejercer