Slalom Test

category: Skill-Circuit

How quickly can your players dribble through the cone slalom, from one side the pitch the other? Slalom includes wide slalom, Indian dribble and a cir...

Sprint Test

category: Skill-Circuit

Players are timed over a 40 meter sprint. The player who starts has a standing start, runs around cone one, then round cone two and back through the t...

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Community Drills

PSV U16 move

J1 part en conduite de balle plein axeJ2 fait un appel et effectue et un une-deux rapide ave J1J1 effectue ensuite un une-deux avec J3 qui a effectue ...

Press for AHC U16s

Opposition outletting with 4 defenders, a centre half and 2 inside forwards. Our 3 strikers, 1 attacking midfielder and centre half pressing.CF - Righ...