Round The Cones And Out

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Round the cones and out Practices For Juniors set out a lot of cones at random in a an area of 5 by 5 m. Then set out as many cones on the out...

Pass And Move Into Square

category: Possession

Hockey Pass and move into square Possession Set out grids 5 by 5 m. ... and after pass moves to touch the cone in the middle of the square and back o...

Up And Down Passing Comp

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Up and down passing comp Practices For Juniors set out 4 5 by 5 metre squares with cones with a 5 m space between the squares. Players in pair...

Covering Defender

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Covering defender Defending Skills Temporary footage Players should ... to stand close and the second player to stand 3 to 5 meters behind the...

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Community Drills

Warm Up Drill

Stick and ball going through the grid drill...8 Cones... player per cone... pass and follow...5 meters... 10 meters then 30 meters boxes

Passing and Receiving on the move

Drill to assit in learning to stop and pass whilst on the move both front stick as well as reverse stickPlayer B starts in the middle of two cones 10 ...

4 Attacking Stations

1 - Recieve a pass on the move and take a free shot on goal from the top of the D2 - play pass to 1 and then follow in for the rebound3 - move t...

Push Passing

A - Demonstrating, how to push pass the ball in hockey, from Player to player.B - Demonstrating, how to push pass in the context of attacking play. Th...