Warming-Up : Benches Circuit

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : benches circuit warming up Players run the course. variations in jumping : - two feet at the same time, forward, over the bench...

Bench Jumping

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Bench Jumping 117 stability/balance Benches in a star shape. Who can jump most benches in one minute? Variations: Hop on and off the bench w...

Twin Bench Ball

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball twin bench ball 115 ballskill activities Pairs holding each other. Pass to hit the bench of your opponent.

Bench Relay

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Bench Relay 117 stability/balance Hop on/over the benches and run or hop back. Which team will be the fastest? Variations: - Hop on and off ...

Hit The Bench

category: 114-aiming-throwing

Handball hit the bench 114 aiming/throwing On both sides a bench or big gymnastic chest. Teams try to hit the players (legs) or the bench/chest. Bloc...

Bench Jumping 1

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Bench jumping 1 561 Coordination Players jump onto the bench, jump of and backwards on the bench again, then off and to the next bench. bala...

Bench Jumping 3

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Bench jumping 3 561 Coordination Sidewards from bench to bench, putting one foot by one foot on the bench. balance, coordination, fitness, s...

Bench Jumping 4

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Bench jumping 4 561 Coordination One foot on the bench, then the other one on the bench, then the other foot down, then the next one down et...

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Community Drills

Autosave 48248

Description: Put the group into two teams and give everyone a ball each. They have to using the passes they have just practiced to try and knock the b...

Throwing Circuit

1.In turns, throw ball over bench and try to get it into hoop. 2 points per hoop.2.Team game, follow Boccia rules, team with most balls in hoop wins.3...