Drill Categories


Teddy Roll

category: Key-2-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Teddy roll Key 2 Body Conditioning From straddle sit: Hands grasp legs behind knees (maintain this shape throughout skill). Pull knee to e...

Forward Roll Progression 6

category: Key-1-Content-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll Progression 6 Key 1 Content Forward roll Forward roll from tuck squat to tuck squat.

Side Roll

category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Gymnastics Side Roll Key 4 Body Temperature Raising 2 Commence with arms horizontal taking weight on bent left knee and extended right leg. Lower lef...

Straddle Roll To Straddle Stand

category: Key-3-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Straddle Roll to Straddle Stand Key 3 Forward roll From straddle stand reach back through legs with straight arms as far as possible. Roll...

Dish Rolling

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Rolling Key 1 Body Conditioning keep dish tense initiate roll with shoulder twist 'wriggle' roll around hips keep the shapes: dish ar...

Forward Roll Through Pike. Progression 9

category: Key-1-Content-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll through pike. Progression 9 Key 1 Content Forward roll Starting in squat position complete forward roll with legs extended an...

Shoulder Roll

category: Key-1-content-Wheels

Gymnastics Shoulder Roll Key 1 content Wheels Start sitting in straddle shape with hands on back of knees. Roll back on to right sholder to transfer ...

Backward Roll Tuck

category: Key-3-Backwards-roll

Gymnastics Backward Roll Tuck Key 3 Backwards roll Starting in an extended position sit and rock back. Place hands on mat, close to the ears, with fi...

Forward Roll To Stand

category: Key-3-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll to Stand Key 3 Forward roll From Box Shape walk on toes to raise hips. When shoulders advance past hands roll over head to s...

Forward Roll With Support.

category: Key-3-Forward-roll

Gymnastics Forward Roll with Support. Key 3 Forward roll Gymnast forward rolls in tuck position. To aid stand gymnast reaches forward and grasps supp...

Web Videos


KS2: Part 1. Jumping and Straddle Roll

This dynamic session will teach your gymnasts how to jump from apparatus with twists, as well as how to straddle forward roll on and off apparatus.


KS2: Part 6. Straddle Vault Progressions

A thoroughly enjoyable session in which your jumping gymnasts will start to take their weight in their arms, as we introduce them to the straddle vaul...



Community Drills

Copy of Preschool Gym Week one

This was the obstacle course set up for week one for training.* Kids start by practing Lunge (arms up by there ears) into hand stand.*Next is cartwhee...

Autosave 51727469

The number game - run around - shout a number - they have to get into groups with that amount - eg if you shout 2, they have to get into pairsOnce the...

Warm up (10 mins)

Starting with activity to increase HR and Stretches to be conpatible with skill.Push me- Pull me. (Pepsi Max)Forward rolls. (Sausage roll)Backwar...