Drill Categories

Fast and spin bowling Drills

Bowling comes in two categories: either fast or spin (slow) bowling. The videos and drills below show the technique required to do both types of bowli...


These videos pinpoint the correct technique and proper way to conduct certain cricketing actions. If batting this ranges from how to hold the bat, wh...


Cross Over Underarm Flick

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

1) rolls ball out towards 4), 4) runs in picks up the ball and flicks to stumps with 3) backing up. 4) takes up 3)s position, 3) then rolls out tow...

Off Spin - Generate Turn

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

For this drill you need a wicket-keeper and a queue of bowlers at both ends of the wicket.

The first player takes their run up and bowls an ...

One Day Nets - Bowling Challenge

category: Conditioned-games

Set up two nets with 4-6 players assigned to each. Each net has a different type of bowler (spin, fast, leg etc.)

Each batsman gets 12-15 mi...

Throw And Move

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Player 1 rolls the ball out, 2 intercepts and flicks at stump 2. 8 stops the ball and rolls it out towards 3, 5 then intercepts. After each throw, pla...

Web Videos

Cricket bowling tips - run up stride

In this 2.44 minute video by www.centrewicket.com, ex Test player Geoff Lawson offers cricket bowling advice regarding stride lengths in the run up.



Pre Season: Preparing your Bowlers

Get your bowlers back in the groove and improve your players' bowling line, accuracy and confidence with this early season bowling session

Community Drills

Aiming at targets & stumps

Using the target that has been placed on the floor by you or your parnter.Use it the help you think about the best place to land the ball to get it to...

Net Session

Focus on the accuracy and consistancy of the bowlers by placing cones in the perfect areas in which you want the bowlers to hit. focus on technique by...

Autosave 910721

2 people on each cones working through the drills.The first cone being some ladders in which the person on the cone will run up to the ladders at 50% ...

Off Spin - Generate turn

DescriptionFor this drill you need a wicket-keeper and a queue of bowlers at both ends of the wicket.The first player takes their run up and bowls an ...