How to reduce bowling no balls and how to increase bowling speed if...?

How to reduce bowling no balls and how to increase bowling speed if...?

How To Reduce Bowling No Balls And How To Increase My Bowling Speed If I Am Having High Arm Jumping Action.

Varun SharmaPlayer, India
Winston De ZilvaOther, Australia

1)Count your run up from the wicket not the popping crease. 2) Bend your back and put your shoulder

power into the delivery.

Neville YoungCoach, Australia

1. Determine how many steps you take for your run up. (it's surprising how many youngsters I have coached over 30 years don't know)

2. Stand behind the popping crease (between the crease and the stumps, not on the crease). Go through your run up. Have someone watch where your front foot lands in your delivery stride and mark it for you. Repeat the process for an over so you get an accurate landing position marked. 

3. Go to the marked spot and step out how many paces there are between it and the crease and remember it (this is so you can accurately mark your starting position whenever you are going to bowl). You want your front foot to land about an inch (25mm) behind the crease, so that when you strain, your foot will go onto the crease line and not over it.

4. Have your assistant move to and stand at 90 deg to the popping crease and observe where your front foot lands. Bowl at least a couple of overs trying out all your various types of deliveries with your assistant giving you feedback on the position of your front foot.

5. From observation, many young people when trying to bowl fast have really long run ups, longer than necessary. The longer the run up (from personal observation) the more likelyhood there is of no balls. Anything longer than 15 steps in a run up isn't really necessary.

6. Practice the same thing at training sessions with your club. Always mark out your run up, if you don't bowl no balls at training then there is less chance of it happening during a game.

7. As far as getting faster goes practice, practice, practice and observe what works for you. Doing some exercises to develop the muscles you use during bowling will also help.

Animesh JainCoach, India

The number of steps in your run up is a very important aspect of bowling. Many people having a short run up can gain momentum very quickly with which they can bowl fast and surprise the batsmen... Try to keep your run up as smooth as possible and exert all the force at the time of have to bend your back so make sure you have enough strngth in your back and legs and the shoulders. Having a smooth run up helps you to pick up speed and you will bowl more accurately.....

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