Sprinting On The Bend

category: Sprint-Examples

Description. expert performer running the bend. Coaching points. Running close to the inside curve; The left shoulder should be slightly lower then t...


category: Track

Athletics Hopping Track Hopping drills develop explosive eccentric muscle contraction foot placement and flexibility.

The Throw

category: Javelin

Athletics The Throw Javelin The thrower is side on, with a flexed right knee. The javelin is parallel to shoulders with throwing arm linear and left ...

High Knee Drills

category: Track

Athletics High Knee Drills Track High knee drills improve the strength of the hip flexors. Can vary from a walking step drill to a fast high knee lif...


Community Drills

Handball athletics-circuit training

The perfect way for a handball player to train all the required athletic skills to get better. With regular and correct repetition you quickly notice ...