3 Straight Forward Running Evasions

category: Attack

Netball 3 straight forward running evasions Attack 1. Double cut back: WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing di...

Running Shapes

category: Movement

Netball Running Shapes Movement Players must run around the outside of their shape, changing direction as quickly as possible. Players must work at f...

Rugby Netball

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Rugby Netball Agility & Running Skills Drill to practice skills and creating space. Set up a pitch (roughly 25m x 20m depending on age and numb...

Running The Gauntlet (No Ball)

category: Attack

Netball Running the gauntlet (no ball) Attack In a designated area, using lines or cones, the white team must attempt to dodge past each defending pl...

Running The Gauntlet (With Ball)

category: Getting-free

Netball Running the Gauntlet (with ball) Getting free To be played in groups of 8. 2 defenders stand in each section of the court. 2 attackers work t...

Run And Pass

category: Passing

Netball Run and Pass Passing Teams of 3 or 4 players. Each team numbers themselves 1-2-3-4 and has one ball. The ball should be passed around the te...

2 Vs 1 Centre Pass

category: Getting-free

Set up a 3m x 3m area, with an Attacker and a Defender inside. A Feeder stands outside the area and starts with the ball. A second Defender is pos...

3 Straight Forward Running Evasions

category: Footwork

1. Double cut back:

WA runs one way, stops abruptly and changes direction before again changing direction for a second time to go and meet t...

5 Point Interception

category: Interception

Have two players passing a ball back and forth about 5m apart. Set up 5 cones behind one of the players, in a semicircle behind them, about 2m away...

Agility And Accuracy - Progression

category: DIY-Drills

  • Place 2 cones on the ground, diagonal from each other - approximately 1 meter apart
  • Place a 3rd cone with a ball on in front of ...

Web Videos

Netball drills- running box drill

This is a great team netball drill for working on passing and movement. It also helps players to work on catching the ball at speed and making quick d...



Community Drills

Short Long Feeds

Feeder passes to player running forward to take short pass and throw back to take long lob passRun hard each way

H Drill

Both Feeders pass balls to the advancing players, players pass back to feeders then cross over court and receive from other feeder. Pivot and pass to ...