Passing Evaluation - Assess your Players' Passing Skills

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This session is designed to help your look at your players' ability to pass the ball off both hands over an ever increasing distance.

During this session your players are put under ever increasing pressure to see how far their passing skills have developed in order to give you an idea of their ability to play at a certain level and to highlight areas they may need to work on in the weeks to come. In this session we also cover why you should assess your players (and how to do it), so that you can profile your players (great for deciding who should make your starting line-up) and provide players with areas for personal improvement.

Passing is a key part of the game that you should factor into everything you do and constant evaluations of your players' ability to pass are a great way for you to maintain and develop their skill levels over the course of the season.

Have fun with this passing skills session, and in doing so get the best from your lads by encouraging them to enjoy evaluation sessions - even if there might be a team place on the line!

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