Improving lines of running from supporting players

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Just like an elastic band the further you can stretch your opposition's defence, the weaker it becomes. To help your team stretch the other team's defence to breaking point this Sportplan Session focuses on Hands in Front for easy and fast offloading, Running lines of Support and Continuous Movement from all the off-the-ball players!

Ideally you always want your ball carrier to have options when running with the ball, after all it's a team game and regardless of how big, fast and strong your players are, they won't be able to get through the opposition's defence on their own.

To ensure your players have always got support on both sides you will need to get your players continuously moving to support the ball carrier and be in the right place at the right time, ready to receive the ball and exploit the space.

Starting with a couple of handling drills to warm your players hands we then progress onto working on your players' lines of support, initially with static defenders but gradually giving your defenders greater freedom to try and stop the attackers - making things a lot tougher for your attacking players!

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Core Skills 1 - Confidence with the basics

This pack of Six of the Best has been developed to help you teach the core skills and concepts to players of all ages- Providing them with a thorough introduction to the key skills they need to play the game! - for squads of all sizes - from 5 to 25 players.

Topics Include: Tackle Technique, Tackle Confidence, Development of Rucking, Contact Skills, Passing, Running and Receiving, Heads up Rugby and Improving lines of running from supporting players.

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Core Skills 1 - in this pack:

Contact Skills in the Tackle

This Sportplan session aims to instil some tackle toughness and confidence back into your players! Tackling from the Front, Side and Back!

Development of Rucking

In this Session we look at boosting the communication and organisation across your defensive line.

Heads up Rugby - Heads up, think fast

Deliberately create holes in your defence to teach your forwards to react quickly, run on and exploit the space!

Improving lines of running from supporting players

Just like an elastic band the further you can stretch your opposition's defence, the weaker it becomes.

Passing, Running and Receiving

This session has been taken directly from the London Wasps Academy - featuring expert video drills to help you put a sting into your rugby.

Tackling Technique - Tackle with confidence

This session looks at refreshing tackling technique and improving your players' confidence in the tackle.

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