Low Speed Elimination PLUS Closing Down to Tackle

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NEW CONTENT Start off slow before building through the next series of new sessions!

  1. Develop the attackers ability to eliminate at low speed by making them commit the defender to one side before eliminating the other way.
  2. Give your defenders the ability to read attackers and understand where to channel them to reduce the chances of elimination.

Eliminating in the right areas of the pitch is a particularly dangerous attribute and can be the difference in a tight match. Get your players elimination skills up to scratch so that when the moment comes to beat their man, they breeze past them.

What's in the Session?

After a full physical warm-up, the session focuses on nailing the basic skills at low speed to give the foundations to build them into quicker eliminations. The first practice lets the ball carrier recognise how to commit the defender and move the ball at low speed to eliminate by creating the space to carry into. To be able to eliminate, you need a defender to be able to counter the skill, so in this two-part session, we also look at how to get your defenders to match the speed of the attacker, how to close down and therefore force a mistake from the attacker. This is a great opportunity for both forwards and defenders to get comfortable with elimitations.

Before long, this series of two-way eliminations will have your attack and defence working to their full potential both going forwards and tracking back!

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