Improve your Flow towards the Goal!

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A common complaint for coaches is when their team plays a positive attacking ball straight up the pitch, only for the receiving player to stop the ball and negatively pass the ball back to where it came from.

This session has been specifically designed to encourage players to keep the momentum of the attack by adding to the pass and continuing to move with the ball so that they're always looking forward for the next pass.

Go forth and prosper in front of goal!

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Winning back the ball

This pack of Six of the Best has been developed to help you create a squad of game changers. Teach your players to handle difficult situations in the game and convert their opportunities.

Topics Include: Creating Goal Scoring Opportunities / Defensive Interceptions / Free hits outside the D / Pressure play - Pressing the ball as a team / Scoring with the far post and more.

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Winning back the ball - in this pack:

Creating Goal Scoring Opportunities

This Session looks at creating goal scoring opportunities and improving goal conversion rate and confidence in the final third.

Defensive Interceptions - Be first to the ball!

Read the signs, time your run and cut out their pass to win back possession!

Free hits outside the D

Turn free hits into free goals with this Set Piece practice session!

Improve your Flow towards the Goal!

Improve player's flow with this positive, don't stop the ball, running and passing session!

Pressure play - Pressing the ball as a team

This Session looks at ways you can get your team to close down as a unit, putting pressure on your opposition to force the error and regain possession!

Scoring with the far post player

Sweep away the opposition! Pass and move on the run and hit a sweeping power shot!

Click here to get instant access to this pack for the introductory price of £7.50.

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Interactive Sessions - Easy to understand and Coach
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