3v2 Possession - Speed of Pass to Keep Possession

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In this session we work on your team's spatial awareness and triangles possession, to ensure your team are working together to keep the ball and progress the ball up pitch with accurate passing.

What's in the Session?

We start with a speed of pass warm up before then getting players to work in small groups in two mini-possession games. These games are goal-less to help your players focus on keeping the ball, being aware of players around them and reacting quickly to a loss of possession.

To bring all these skills together we close the session with a simple to set up and fun 6v4 Attacking Advantage conditioned game that encourages your players to look up and pass quickly to keep possession.

Extra Coaching Tips

We cover a lot in this session and depending on what you see from your players you might like to focus on a particular area of play for longer or shorter - don't be afraid to try new things with your players - Before worrying about the big picture, sweat the small things and get individual skills sorted - the big picture will start to take care of itself with some tweaking.

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