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Split the group into 2 teams (no more then 4 / 5 on each team) put one goal on the half way line and one in the normal position on back line. Set out a circle with cones for the goal ion the half way line.

Each team positions them self to the left of the goal.
Every player needs a ball.
One of the players in one of the teams starts with the ball. This player has to run with the ball to the opposite goal and strike the ball into the goal. On doing so one player from the other team can now run with the ball to the other goal and try to strike the ball into that goal.
The player that struck the ball first has to run back and try to defend against the 2nd player that has set off.

Coaching points

Basically the player that last attacked has to defend against the next player and then they go to the back of the same team as they started.

You can play this game for a set time (5 minutes ) give the team a break and start again. If the practice is done well it is extremely tiring for the players.

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