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Objective: To understand the requirments of the player when dribbling with the ball down the right hand side of the field. 

Purpose: The ball position and technique when you are dribbling the ball down the right side will alter where the next pass or tackle is going to come from and gives a clear message to the rest of the team, eg. wingers/forwards leads. 

Structure: Pairs 


Coaching points

  • When carrying on the right hand side of the pitch, most passes will be infield to the left.
  • Carry the ball at 1 o'clock so the player can pass in field with pace. (too far to the left will reduce control and speed of pass - too far right will make it difficult to pass left) 
  • When carrying the ball, it's important to have the ball out infront so not to close off the rest of the field with the angle of your body. Run with the shoulder parrallel to the baseline. 
  • Carry with a low center of gravity to be able to scan for a pass whilst on the run.

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