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Coaches Objective:

To teach players to eliminate on the backhand of an opponent with a drag as they enter the circle or move at relatively low speed.


To eliminate the defender on their reverse stick side prior to a shot or pass.

Coaching points

1. The approach line is at the defender (to "stand him up" to force a tackle.

2. The ball is held at 1 o'clock on the forehand side and the attacker approaches the defender with the shoulders parallel to the goal line, allowing movement in either direction causing indecision as there are a  minimum of cues for the defender to read.

3. This position also facilitates vision to the left and allowing movement of the ball left initially.

4. The ball is moved relatively slowly left to the forehand side of the defender as you want the defender to read and move to make a tackle.

5. The ball is then moved rapidly, a change of tempo that defeats the defenders reaction time and causes a desperate left hand reaching tackle.

6. The distance of the drag can take you round the defender (an additional insurance policy) by using weight transfer, driving off the left leg and letting the ball pass as far as possible to the forehand side of the ball carrier.

7. This skill needs to be coached in partnership with elimination to the defenders forehand and at advanced level with double drag tempo change skills.


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