Volleyball Drill Demonstration


4 or less players for maximum number of touch.
1-Coach Through the ball with rebound
2- First players in the queue must run to the ball and pass it to the player on the left side (near the border of the field)

3- player near the border catchs the ball and put it back in the basket

Coaching points

1- Run fast to the ball

2- body mustn't move prior to touch the ball

3- right foot in front

4- Shoulder facing the target player

Coach through 40 balls for passing

then forty ball for setting .
First rotation counterclockwise , then after 40 ball counterclokwise.

Depending on the age this could be:
- Catch and throws
- Catch and Set
- Self Setting and Setting
- Self Pass and Pass
- Setting
- Passing

Created by guillaume, Volleyball Parent, France

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