Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? Balls, Cones, 4 Players, Goalie

How? Player 1 starts at the ball pile. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2, who receives and passes flat to Player 3. Player 3 receives and passes ball backwards to Player 1, who has relead and is now closer to Player 3. Player 1 then passes the ball into space forward, to Player 2 making the run outside. Player 3 leads towards circle. Player 4 leads into corner space and receives ball down the line from Player 2. Player 4 runs the baseline and passes ball 90 degrees back to Player 3. Player 3 scores on goalie. 

Why? leading and into space and accurate passing

Coaching points

  • T-leads
  • Leading with speed
  • Timing leads
  • Timing passes


  • Passing on the right foot
  • Wait to lead after ball is passed

Created by noah, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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