Hockey Drill Demonstration



1.  improve Block tackle FH/ reverse
2. Teach when Block tackle

- set out 3 small turfs (see drawing)
- 3 groups of 5 or 6 persons.
- 2 goals 1 side,  + circle of 5 m + end line on 2/3 of length 23-midline


1. Team 1 attacks, try to score by:
a) putting ball on foot in circle = 3 pnts
b) score in goal A or B by dribbling= 1 pnts 

2. Team 2 defend. If team 2 gets ball= play to nr 3. Succesfull? 
- nr 3 and nr 2 person who passed the ball can attack circle.  Team nr 1 defend. Team 2 person who didn't pass go on the position of 3. 

Nb with 6 persons than both nr 2 go on the position of 3. 

Coaching points

Teach when you do a block tackle on the turf.
1. When spaces are small, congested.
2. In circle to protect foot

2. Improve blocktackle FH and BH. Focus on:
 - taking ball with shaft (low, bend knees) 
- surprise opponent  if you are 1 stick length away : take suddenly a big step forward and shove your stick with shaft to ball

Created by Nicolette, Hockey Coach, Belgium

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