Hockey Drill Demonstration


4 defenders should be chosen. This exercise will occur on alternate sides- one side at a time.

The aim of this is for the attackers to score, and the defenders must drive the ball over the half way line.

  • 2 attackers must go in the D, along with 1 defender.
  • 1 defender must stay down with two attackers by the half way line.
  • The attackers pass the ball to the defender, whom shall pass it back and the game starts.
  • The attackers at the half way line have to get the ball to the higher attackers. They can drive or hit the ball anywhere.
  • When the ball reaches the shooting circle, players must try to score.
  • When the game finishes (attackers score, ball is lost, or defenders win), the opposite side must play. Around half way through, switch sides.
  • Defenders must be changes regularly.


Coaching points

Attackers should win this, or at least have a shot on goal.

Created by T, Hockey Coach, England

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