Basketball Drill Demonstration


Each cone represents an exercise in this activity i'm setting the cones with movement which will help in basketball movements.

  • Blue = Laterial Jumps (good for blocking shots, also good for shooting)
  • Red = Knee Tucks (good for fast jumping, aligity and plyometrics)
  • White = Crossovers. (Previosuly learnt in session 1).

So players will go in the routine of this:

Start at the baseline (black cones), run to the blue cone do the jump then run back, then run to the red cone do the knee tuck then run back, then run to the white cone and do a crossover and run back that equals to 1 run all together.

Coaching points

  • Movitation is key, it's a hard task to do but it is so worth it, great for basketball in speed and agility.
  • Can change up the movements for the cones.
  • If players are struggling - change to two cones, if doing well tell up the pace.

Created by Abbi, Basketball Coach, England

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