Rugby Drill Demonstration


Scrum Half (SH) pass to Fly half from back of scrum, but continues to run acrosss field in a loop chasing the ball. 

FH runs cross field angle, ball in hand, lookingh at Outside centre. 

Inside Centre runs hard line back inside

FH pops back inside to Inside Centre (IC), and quicky resets back into the backline.

IC pops to sweeping SH almost immediately

SH runs across field straightening slightly, passes to FH.

FH loops towards 2  

OC runs hard line back inside

FH looks to offload to OC @1 if OC open, or holds and breaks gap at 2.

Winger should be unmarked.

Coaching points

All players should move down field once it gets to the FH to support the winger.

Used off the scrum, but may be effective off the ruck as well.


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