Rugby Drill Demonstration


Training Set up and Drills 

Coaching points

0: Dynamic Stretch- Use the end goal and space out so you can pass each other.

1: Four corners (Min 3 per corner)- Meet in Middle, Hi/Lo, Pass Rt-Go Rt, Truck-Trailor

2:Lines-Pressure: Split evenly and run lines from both directions.  Do not stagger start much, delay your run and be patient. Pop to oncoming player in a proper pass - oncoming line MUST be moving.

3: Footwork/Ruck: pads/ladders/cones--- on backs head at ladder/flip up and call proper GAP/go as a LINE through ladder - Hit DECK and Pop pad - 1.2.3.

4: 3v2 - Split evenly- more work the more result-- Defenders on belly with pads.  Attackers in pushup position, go when Attacker w ball goes.

5: Tackle Grids - 4 x 5-7M grid.  8 in each (4 attack and 4 defend) Attacker say - Ball out - they sprint to one of the corner cones and cut back into grid (defender must read and go to opposite cone). Now attacker picks which line he wants and defender must tackle before he touches CENTER LINE CONE. 

Training Set-up 1Rugby Drills Coaching

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