Hockey Drill Demonstration


Exercise 1 - "Gigantic minefield".

The minis will drive through the minefield making sure they do not hit a cone and then score in the big goal.

Exercise 2 - Driving race.

The minis will start between the red cones and drive around the blue cones at the same time, the winning his the first person back to their starting positions.

Exercise 3 - Driving game.

Here all minis will have a ball and drive around the circle at the same time, the trainer will shout a number and each number will mean something, for example, number 1 could mean they have to change direction, the trainer can think of anything they want but keep it hockey related.

Exercise 4 - Dodge the balls.

The minis will drive through the tunnel and the trainer will roll tennis balls towards them and they will have to dodge them while still diving to the end of the tunnel.

Exercise 5 - Driving technique.

Here the minis will drive around the outside of the square and once they get to a cone they will drive around the cone in a circle, here the focus is that they are driving with the right technique, focusing especially on having the space between the ball and their feet.

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