Hockey Drill Demonstration


Pig in middle

GOAL: L shape + reason

* tenniscourt in 4 squares
* 4 pp per square
* 1 defender, 3 attackers
* if attackers play 3 times in there square they can go into other square to score by dribbling over goal line. Still 3V1. 
* teach about: L shape and reason why. 

* Defender swops if:
a) defender gets ball in first square
b) attackers play 3x the ball out of
    the squares
c) if defender gets ball when team was trying to score, then he needs to play ball in pig in middle square

Coaching points

Pig in middle = play 2V1

Focus: always L shape =  2 square /straight passing.
REASON: opponent can only cut off 1 pass

Make sure:
* attackers stay as far away as possible from ball ( to let opponent defend the max space)
* if ball is being passed to team mate the person who doesn't get the ball needs to move to make the L shape again  
* make sure players who receive the ball, have their feet towards space. 


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