Hockey Drill Demonstration


To set up for this drill you will need position an offensive player somewhere inside the circle as well as a defensive player who will mark the offensive player. The goalkeeper should be standing inside the goals and the rest of the team should line up at the top of the circle.

The drill begins with the offensive player trying to draw the defensive player who is marking them towards the outside of the circle of the circle by cutting wide making space in front of the goal.

When the offensive player is ready they should then call for the ball and the player at the front of the line at the top of the circle should then pass them the ball. After the offensive player takes possession of the ball they should turn and dodge the defender to make a straight shot or try to take a reverse stick shot.

Once the shot is made the player at the front of the line at the top of the circle who passed them the ball should move into the circle and pick up the rebound or pass with her partner to score.

Once the offensive players either score a goal or the defender gets the ball out of the circle the play is over and a new player from the front of the line becomes the offensive player and the next player the passer with the defender and goalie remaining the same.

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