Hockey Drill Demonstration


- repeat dribbling position; left arm out + straight line stick/arm
- NEW: Forehand Steer : left hand movement

The exercise
* each player a ball + at cone on sides of the square
* Basic idea: give instruction which turn (left /right). At your sign all run to cone in front of them, go around and back. 

* Variations:
a) 2 or 3 times back and forth
b) relay forms like: which side is first back?  Which side is first back and had the ball on the stick all the time? Which player is back first etc. 
c) put in another cone, thus slalom of 3 cones and back. 

Coaching points

Forehand Steer

* left hand out= away from body= go to the right

* left hand under right hand= to your belly button = go to the left


Basic dribbling position:

- Grip: 2 hands apart, double V grip
- Ball in front of you (right side)
- Stick 45 degrees with ground=
a manawatu river between you and the ball to be able to trick opponents
- Left under arm, wrist and stick are straight.
- left elbow out (and high) from body, right arm also loose
- heads up + ball always on the stick (Why= to be able to do tricks when opponent comes)

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