Hockey Drill Demonstration



Keepers to line up in a row with about five balls placed opposite each keeper. The keeper’s helmet is kind of important in this exercise.


Coach to stand one to two meters in front of the keeper. Throw the ball at the keepers head. The keeper must header the ball away.

Temper the power in your throw to the age and level of the keeper, we don’t want them running for the hills…


Have the keepers defend a box using only their head. Throw the ball at head height but not directly at them. The keeper that saves the most goals earns bragging rights.


It is paramount that the keeper faces the ball if coming directly at his head. If he turns his head away he will be exposing a weaker part of his head protection to the ball. If he turns totally around he exposes the lower part of his head and neck to the ball. A ball striking this area has caused the death of an Australian cricket player.

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