Hockey Drill Demonstration


Receive ball - no coach only show exercise 

1. work on both sides
2. nr 1+ 2 score / nr 3 defends
3. If nr 1 starts dribble =start defender.
4. attackers can only have feet towards goal to score. If they score = they won.
- Defender wins:
a) when he gets ball and plays over side line OR
b) attackers don't have feet towards goal = he can shout "feet" = exercise over = he won.


-  2 cones out for outlet + cones midline put bit inwards turf. 
- 1 group outletting shape (4)
- 1 group reverse blade. 
-  Practice sweep hit -reverse blade + swob group (total 2x 4 min)
reverse group set time: if they go 3 times around they call STOP. How many times did outlet go back and forth? 

Coaching points

Ball from left trapping
- feet towards attacking goal
- let ball get passed you. Stop at dribbling position (where cone is). 
- while stopping already start running. 

Ball from right trapping
- feet towards goal 
- left hand out (away from you, stick right angle) 
- stop ball at right foot
- while stopping keep running. 

Reverse Blade:
- frying pan grip, hands together
- stick half circle over ground, shoulder action
- bent knees to go low, hands around 20/30 cm off ground
- ball feet position = at least 1 m away
- play with side stick bit above curl.

Sweep hit:
- hands together, double V grip
- half circle, stick on grond + action from shoulder. Squeeze stick
- bent knees, back straight 
- ball - feet position = 1 m away

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