Hockey Drill Demonstration


GOALSCORING (show exercise, than doing on their own) 

1. group works without coach+ with video
2. Rotation: 1-2-3-1
3. Nr 1 plays for deflection + zone 2,  nr 2 plays for hit (level 1) or tomma. Nr 3 does after each other the deflection / zone 2/ hit-tomma

need 4 sticks (gearroom)
- continous exercise. Start on both sides with pull back game
- round = pull back game/ butt game + than reverse turns (2x FH + 2x BH) + pull back/ butt game again. 

Pull back game:
- nr 1 tries to score by dribbling over circle line +  through goal A or B . Can only use pull back.
- if defender gets ball, he goes further with reverse circuit.  

Butt game
- nr 1 stands before nr 2. Nr 3 plays ball to nr 1. Nr 1 learns how to get frontal + than same pull back game

Coaching points



1.Stick on grond,

2. let ball get onto your stick and roll into goal. No sweeping

Zone 2:
- level 1 slapshot.
1. Hands apart,
2. hit from schoulder, squeez stick, no wrist action. Bit like cricket hit
- level 2 high ball in goal.
1.  body weight behind the ball
2.  push pull movement with wrist + elbow. 

Hit / tomma 
See video

Pull Back 
- grip
- bringing ball far forward in front of you that opponent wants to get it.
- Look at opponent stick. When it comes pull back towards last foot + change direction

Butt action:
 receive ball with butt to goal. 
- dribble back to where ball came from + make half a turn along with a pull back/spin movement. 

see tips you tube with link in word document

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