Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? 3 Goals, 12 players, Balls, Cones or lines

How? The Blue team tries to score on the big goal, while Red is defending and trying to outlet into to either of the two goals on the 25yd line. The game is played 7v5, be sure to switch the teams up and to everyone play offense and defense.

Coaching points

  • Quick decision making
  • Easy and simple passing, use the numbers up situation that is created. 
  • Accurate passes
  • Solid defense and work together as a unit to keep the ball out of the circle and away from danger. 


Add in tow more players outside the playing area for the defensive team. These players come on when the defending team scores or on either of the two goals. Which results in the attacking team having to dro out two players. Always play 7v5. 

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