Hockey Drill Demonstration


Receive ball from right ( 10 min)
no coach

- same turf as mini game + place 2 cones on midline + 1 diagonal in turf close to other cone.
- A plays to D and runs around black cone
- D receives ball from left and can only trap ball at the other cone (let ball get passed them). D dribbles around cone and plays back to A. 
- A receives ball from right on run and the 1 V1 starts.
- A tries to score on 23 line. If D gets ball he plays to start exercise where other player is waiting. 

Push left right with coach (10 min)

- rotation 1-2-3-1. Both sides. Switch sides half time. 
- nr 1 plays to nr 2.
- nr 2 receives ( feet forward), runs to back line + push to right (or left) to nr 1 . Nr 1 scores. 
- nr 3 is a "limited" defender. He starts if 2 has ball + defends with block tackle (level 1: leaves push pass open. level 2 he covers the push pass to force them to lift the ball.  

Coaching points

Ball from left trapping
- feet towards attacking goal
- let ball get passed you. Stop at dribbling position (where cone is). 
- while stopping already start running. 

Ball from right trapping
- feet towards goal 
- left hand out (away from you, stick right angle) 
- stop ball at right foot
- while stopping keep running. 

Push to left:
- keep feet forward to fake the defender. 
- bring ball to left side of your feet
before pushing. 
- bending knees, really drag ball to left side body and push will increase speed. 

Push to right
- feet forward to give defender idea you are going to dribbling.
- before pushing make sure the ball position is next to your right foot or even behind
- left hand out + push to right. 
- want to push harder= bending knees, longer drag, using your rotation of the body


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