Hockey Drill Demonstration



Restrict the space and play 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 or ideally 6 v 6 as u have a back 3 outlet shape and a midfielder to post into space and 2 high players to stretch width and height. Continuous matches  in 3 teams. Sideline team gets feedback whilst resting , one team has to double up and work fatigued against the fresher side. Keep score. 3 mins per game. 


Coaching points

  • Pressure on ball carrier
  • Enhanced technical skills
  • With and without ball roles.

Then expand the space if possible and work on a 40% press with 7 or 8 aside - deep defence strategy. Control the space the opposition wants to play in. A forward will be ready to pop out and pressure the ball carrier and realise when to drop back in if we are getting out of shape. Close inside passing lanes , step over from help side. Make opposition play in one area of the pitch and force them to recycle or give the ball away. If the ball is turned over the other side drops off to 40%. 

Give each team a different work on area. eg double transfer, double team ball carrier, man to man marking. 

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