Hockey Drill Demonstration


Set Up for Attacking 23 yard hits

Coaching points

  • CM or closest player to ball takes the free hit
  • Defensive set up is man-2-man with 1 free man on edge of circle marking the ball carrier.
  • Attacking setup is 2 men on edge of circle acting as blockers, 2 men on the posts
  • Men out wide
  • Free CB setting up 5yards away from the ball carrier.
  • Option 1: Play the men on the outside and either attack the baseline or ht the 45 ball in.
  • Option 2: Blockers peel away and the players on the back post lead into the space created by the blockers to receive the ball outside the circle looking to deflect the ball into the circle if they are man marked. If the not man marked they can attack the circle themselves. 
  • Option 2: Same as above except the ball is played back to the free CB, the free CB looks to drag flick the ball low into the circle looking to create a PC or a deflection into goal. 
  • Option 3: Ball carrier leaves ball stationary and leads off to the right whilst the one blocker runs to collect the ball and make the ball live either playing the free man or hitting the wide player. The idea behind this is that each defender shoulb be man marked. So when the blocker runs to take the free hit, the defender tracking him is no longer 5 yards and therefore a PC will be awarded if he plays the blocker who becomes the ball carrier.

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