Hockey Drill Demonstration



Attacker (X) begins drill outside grid, checks ball to defender (O) and receives it back.
Attacker carries the ball forward and tries to eliminate defender going into the circle. Attacker looks to maintain control into circle, and shoot on goal.
Defender pressures attacker immediately, and tries to make tackle outside circle if possible.
If attacker gets past into circle, defender continues to pressure, trying to force a shot under pressure from a weak angle.
Play until ball is either out of circle, over endline or in the goal.


Change the positioning of the grids to different angles of circle entry.
Defender stops playing when ball enters the circle (this encourages the defender to make a play in the 5m zone outside the circle).



Ball Position/Vision: Attacker should keep ball in front so she can watch the defender as she approaches. See if the defender is out of position, and if there is a vulnerable space to attack.
Change of Speed and Direction: combining these two factors will give the attacker a good chance of eliminating the defender, if she keeps good control of the ball.
Be Aggressive! Attackers should take risks in this area, move the ball aggressively forward.


Pressure early: defender should move up to the top of the grid immediately to pressure attacker as she moves into the space. Force attacker to carry the ball and make moves/decisions under pressure.
Speed-Angle-Distance: focus on these 3 key defensive concepts. Control the speed of the attacker, get the right angle to pressure, and also the right distance.
5m tackle zone: Encourage defender to make a tackle, if possible, in the 5m zone between the circle and dashed line. Even if a foul occurs in this space, the attacker must take the ball back outside the dashed line to restart.

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